Tamra Fago’s Cru Moderne: Haute Hats

Nov 11, 2014

Tamra Fago-1We remember when we first walked into Camille DePedrini on Mission Street in South Pasadena and began looking closely at the clothes on display. The fabrics, the stitching, the beads, buttons, and trim were masterful and exquisite.

Revealing her own artistic finesse, Tamra Fago of Cru Moderne will be exhibiting her collection of hand-formed, haute couture hats on November 15th at Camille’s.

Saturday will also be Camille’s holiday open house with champagne to sip, sweet treats to nibble, and 25% off selected holiday dresses or 15% off various apparel, shoes, accessories, gifts, books, and toys.


Cru Moderne: Haute Hat Collection by Tamra Fago
Saturday, Nov. 15th, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Camille de Pedrini, 1516 Mission Street
South Pasadena 91030
For more info, call 626.441.786


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Haute hat designer Tamra Fago of Cru Moderne, in her own words:

There’s a wellspring of inspiration that one can wear; music and self-reflection, nature’s micro and macro organic forms, ancient jewelry from all continents, contemporary art and architecture. Think Modigliani meets Gehry; Zhada Hadid and Dadaism, Dali and Caetano Veloso’s sambas.

The fluidity of a samba is expressed as an intimacy and comfort for the wearer. Fluid with a kind of nouveau movement to it. I love the voyeuristic experience of seeing layer upon layer, texture upon texture; contrasting opaque and transparent, and interrupting seriousness with whimsy.




Yet there is mystique to Cru Moderne designs. Seashells come to mind with their sensuous curves.

I have always been fascinated with never ending mobius strips.

Beauty has it’s¬†mystery.

Ultimately, Cru Moderne hats are as unending as a circle, sensually curvaceous and structurally smart. Totally feminine!

Sculpturally, Cru Moderne hats are adapted for the contemporary woman; they are relevant, smart and demand attention of their wearers. Most of the hats have no crown. They are light and comfortable and one forgets one is wearing a hat at all, except for the admiring glances of passers-by.¬† It’s great to nestle into a good conversation without a brim getting in the way.


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Tamra Fago Designs


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Tamra Fago’s haute hats modeled by Noelle Cichon; photos by Jesus Rivera.


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  1. beautiful hats, gorgeous models; wishing much success!



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