Luna Lotus Jewels

Sep 3, 2017

Karina Barrero is a Pasadena resident and owner of Luna Lotus Jewels. She exhibits at such social events as the West Elm Pop-Up and the Urban Air Market in Los Angeles.

Barrero mentions on her site that as a child she didn’t have a lot of funds to spend on clothing and jewelry. So, she began to make her own.

“My mission is to make beautiful, handmade jewelry available to women of all financial backgrounds to instill confidence and beauty, and empower women to be their best self.”

As a California Native, I am incredibly inspired by pristine spaces of nature, like Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, The Redwood Forest, the Yuba River and the vast Sierra Nevadas. I am moved by little miracles of these sacred places; crystal clear river waters, larger-than-life granite boulders, grains of sand and river stones, salty sea breezes, the violet-rose-tangerine hues of ocean sunsets, the incredible sacred geometry in the souls of living, breathing plants and trees and the bottoms of pinecones.
—Karina Barrero


Herkimer diamond (double-terminated, water clear quartz crystals) cuff bracelet; photo, Luna Lotus Jewels.


Barrero employs crystals and believes in “channeling ancient holistic chakra and crystal properties in creating healing jewelry.” Her pieces are inspired by nature, she states, and made with sustainably sourced materials—”made with the utmost care, love, and positive energy vibrations.”


Sky blue aqua aura spirit cactus quartz, statement pendant; photo, Luna Lotus Jewels.


The Luna Lotus Jewels Summer Collection features brand new fresh designs that are posh, eclectic, polished, and exude summer vibes, perfect for a day at the beach, work, all the weddings on your calendar—and anything in between.

Find Luna Lotus Jewels on Facebook. Browse and purchase items and shop at Etsy.


Citrine tangerine crystal double boho hippie gold chain drop stone point earrings; photo, Luna Lotus Jewels.




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