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Lulu Brandt

Nov 23, 2010

lulu brandt 300x225 Lulu Brandt Womens Clothing Pasadena  photoThis elegant boutique showcases more exclusive designers than any other shop in town: Hugo Boss for women, Matthew Williamson, Stella McCartney, Blumarine and more. The shoes and accessories are great as well. It’s a little bit of Vogue magazine in unlikely Old Pasadena. Most importantly, the service is renowned — a saleswoman once insisted on running to the store’s nearby warehouse to look for sale items she thought would be perfect for us.

Staples: Chic business and dress-up clothes for grown-up women who have panache and a decent figure.

Don’t Miss: The sales—they are fantastic. Ask to get on the mailing list.

We Like: The latest goods by Stella McCartney.

Womens’s Clothing |26 S. Raymond Ave., Old Pasadena | 626.568.8090

2 Responses for “Lulu Brandt”

  1. Hem-young deFazio says:

    Have you moved?

  2. Mary Jane Horton says:

    Yes, Lulu Brandt has moved to 1 West California Blvd.


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