Keep Your Hat On!

Nov 21, 2011

When you step through the door at 49 W. Colorado in Old Town, you step into a late 19th-century mise en scène par 1895, the year Goorin Brothers Hats was born in San Francisco’s Mission District.

From the old pedestal table near the entrance to the vintage hat racks, tractor-seat barstools (thanks to Restoration Hardware), and intricately carved and mirrored sideboard hutch behind the cash register, the design transports you into another world.

Natalia DeCarlo wearing a "Lady Eileen" hat

Row after row of fedoras show off Goorin’s Heritage line and are surrounded by flat, ivy and duck-billed caps from the American Made line. The Grenadier line offers hearty hats for you outdoor sporting folk who like to fish, camp and hunt in any weather and all conditions. Incredibly (and beautifully), these collections of hats are handmade in America.

Along the back wall is the Mina line, a “collection by collaboration” of tatoo and grafitti artists. Each cap reflects the style of the creator, has fabric that is custom-made, and is a limited edition.

Safely behind the counter (perhaps for its “racy” content) is the Peekaboo collection, a series of hats and neckties that slyly semi-hide—inside the crown of the hat, on the backside of a necktie—an individual, saucy peekaboo girl.

Natalie DeCarlo, wearing a soft, handmade Lady Eileen hat, informed us of the various lines that Goorin Brothers carries, pointing out their details, differences and similarities.

Seeing that hats are no longer de rigeur in society, we were happily surprised to see the steady traffic in the store. Perhaps purchasing a hat these days is more of an individual statement—are you sporty, smooth, racy or creatively hugging the edge? Want different hats for assorted occasions, varying weather conditions, or even different moods? You’re welcome to try them all. Goorin Brothers Hats can keep you covered seven days a week.

Goorin Brothers Old Town Hat Shop
49 W. Colorado Blvd., Old Pasadena
Monday-Saturday, 10-9; Sunday, 11-7


Sporty, weather-resistant Grenadier line.

Goorin Brothers "Ladies Line"

Elaborate sideoboard hutch displaying the Peekaboo line.


Goorin window display of flip-up fedoras


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  1. Oh my goodness. What a find! Sometimes I think I should be following Hometown Pasadena around town, sneaking pictures and trying to get a scoop.



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