Happily Wear After

May 4, 2015

11070218_859239767482846_7167534548157263226_nA business associate suggested we meet at Lavender and Honey, which suited us as the day was hot and the folks there make a lovely ice latte—and, in our opinion, it’s always a perfect day for toast.

The L & H toast consists of toasted walnut bread spread with goat cheese, drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with dried lavender. Sweet, sour, earthy, and flowery—scrumptious.

After the meeting concluded and the toast was consumed, we walked around what we found to be the old Sherrill Corporation building and imagined what it would be like to design and construct a building with our surname inlaid into the frieze of the entablature.




Along this last block of Washington Boulevard, after Lavender and Honey, is Happily Wear After with gently used brand name clothes and toys, as well as environmentally-friendly eco-toys from Plan Toys and Green Toys.


Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo


Recycling truck by Green Toys; promotional photo

Recycling truck by Green Toys; promotional photo


One mother found a retro-modern Misha Lulu dress, which usually runs about $65) for a mere $12.99, and Minnetonka moccasins (usually $30) for $6.99.



Misha Lulu dress


While the parents shop for such deals, kids may read in the frog corner…


Photo source: Happily Wear After

Photo source: Happily Wear After


…play at the train table, draw on the chalk wall, dry erase and magnetic boards, and dive into Happily’s art supplies and simply create. Happily also has a mini car club and lego night for little enthusiasts of such pastimes. It also offers art classes, making crafts for holidays such as Easter and Valentine’s Day, and has party packages from basic that includes an art activity to premium, which includes decorating in a theme, take-home art project, pizza or small sandwiches, cupcake dessert bar, and a play pass for 20 future art classes or open play sessions – and no clean up (our perennially favorite component of any service).


Example of a themed party. Photo source: Happily Wear After

Example of a themed party. Photo source: Happily Wear After


As the kids continue to play, Mom or Dad may take a seat, enjoy a cup of coffee and chat with other parents. Feeling like bonding again? Cuddle in the reading nook and read your little one a story, make use of the changing table when necessary, and take baby into the nursing/quiet area.

The owner, Heather, states the reason for this new venture…

As a new mother, I realized there are a few things that all parents need:

  1. A store to find affordable and quality children essentials
  2. A place to bring your children to allow them to engage in fun and stimulating activities
  3. Somewhere to meet and interact with other parents

After a year of planning and working up the courage to take the leap from the corporate world, Happily Ever After is here!


Happily Wear After, 1389 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena 91104. Tel.: 1.626.344.9214. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.





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