Gilly Flowers in Old Pasadena

Jul 28, 2014

Gilly Flowers_dWhat started as a one man flower stand on the streets of Silver Lake grew into a walk-in storefront in sunset junction with over 14 years of experience…

After starting in the Echo Park/Silver Lake area, Gilly Flowers & Events has opened a new shop in Old Pasadena on Colorado Boulevard just east of Raymond Avenue. We have yet to visit the shop, but we came across their page on and before we knew it we were dawdling dreamily over dozens of their flower arrangements on Facebook. So, we thought we’d share some (and then update this when we get photos of the new shop after a visit later this week).

The shop is so new that the folks of Gilly Flowers have yet to update the company website or Facebook page to include this new location. We’ll help to spread the word…

Gilly Flowers & Events
59 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 91105
Tel.: 323.953.2910

All photos sourced from Gilly Flowers & Events’ Facebook page.

Gilly Flowers_a


Gilly Flowers_f


Gilly Flowers_c


Gilly flowers_b


Gilly Flowers_e


Gilly Flowers_g


Gilly Flowers & Events, 95 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 91105. Tel.: 323.953.2910.



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