Endangered Cultures

Aug 5, 2013

2338470I started by making one shirt for my son. He came home and told me that his buddies working at Val Surf asked about it. I didn’t pay attention at first. Then I was making them for him, and his friends were ordering. One friend said he wore a shirt to a party and folks were trying to give him measurements and place orders.

Another said he wore a shirt and people were literally offering to buy the shirt off his back and to give him the one they were wearing.

Another said he walked in on his dad who was wearing one of his shirts and looking in the mirror. This boy’s dad said, “What? I can’t wear it to work, but I for sure would wear it on the weekend. 

Finally, one of my son’s friends simply said, “We have to put up a website.”


Renee Williams is the creator of these wild and crazy shirts. She just found out that her Pasadena-based Endangered Cultures is one of 36 local award recipients in Count Me In‘s national initiative to support women entrepreneurs. The young company is also featured in

Besides shirts, local sewers employed by Endangered Cultures hand make bags for skateboarders, and laptop and tablet cases. The name of the company comes from Renee’s belief that items that are hand made are “endangered by modernism, technology and mass production.”

Endangered Cultures
556 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 101-509
Pasadena 91104







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