Dinosaur Farm

May 20, 2010

Our kids may be too old for toys now, but they still get misty-eyed when we pass this South Pas destination, where we bought so many birthday presents back in the day. Owner David Plenn has kept the store as fresh as ever, mixing the kid-staple basics (Legos, Thomas the Tank Engine, storybooks) with a creative mix of dinosaur- (and other animal-) themed toys, games, puzzles and art projects. Good science-based toys, too.

The Staples: Enough dino-themed goods to send a dino-obsessed kid into a tizzy of indecision.

Don’t Miss: The Ugly dolls and the out-of-the-ordinary stuffed critters.

We Like: The selection of Playmobils, Legos and other creativity-boosting toys.

Toys | 1510 Mission St., South Pasadena | 626.441.2767,

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