De-Cor: A Winter Sale

Mar 2, 2015

De-Cor_tapestry_partial_aWe love stepping into De-Cor, an enchanting profusion of color, smells, shapes, and textures. The 7,500 square foot showroom is lined with shelves of hand made textiles, filled with “re-claimed” furniture that’s been restored and updated, and a handful of display “rooms” that illustrate how their merchandise work together so alluringly.

During the first week of March, De-Cor is offering 20%-70% off their vast selection of hand-stitched pillows and bedcovers, bowls, tapestries, tables, ottomans, daybeds, doors, mirrors, vases, and chairs, all of which have been sought and found by De-Cor founder Deepali Pareek during her continuing travels across India and neighboring countries, then artfully made, re-made, restored, and “reinterpreted.”


All photos sourced from De-Cor

All photos sourced from De-Cor


De-Cor’s Winter Sale consists of up to 70% off general merchandise with 20%-50% off furniture and 40%-70% off textiles. The sale ends Sunday, March 8th.

A handmade Moroccan lantern with red hand-etched glass was $39, now $18. Below, rectangular and square shadow boxes that hold large and small elaborately hand-carved keys; found in Ranakpur, Rajasthan ($295-$395, now $195-$276).






Bowls, pillows, vases, pots, benches, tables…



Small Kasoti pillow

Small Kasoti pillow






Small Suzani pillow

Small Suzani pillow


Something about mirror windows are alluring. Is it the facade element? Knowing the window isn’t a window but has the illusion of being this link to the outside, to another world that’s just beyond the window (that isn’t a window)? De-Cor offers a vintage rustic mirror window with a decorated, carved panel with an “aged” patina. Found in Sikar. Was $465, now $350.




Details  of mirror window




Selenite is a variety of the mineral gypsum that shows an obvious crystalline structure. In the realm of healing crystals, selenites are “high vibration crystals” and can help one connect with the Divine Mind, “delivering clarity of mind, by cleansing the aura of negative energy build-up, both within the physical and the etheric body.”¹ Clarity of mind is something at which we would never scoff…

De-Cor’s selenite tea light holders are cut from a single large selenite crystal. Regularly, $29; now, $18. Naturally, shapes and sizes vary.





De-Cor has a number of tapestries…




Antique hand-embroidered tapestry features open chain stitch embroidery of the nomadic suraj tribe. Intricately handmade with floral and geometric pattern adorned with small mirrors. Backed with solid red cotton fabric. Hand embroidered with cotton threads and small mirrors. Handmade in Barmer. Size: 84″ x 78″. Normally, $985; now, $542. (De-Cor)




De Cor, 30 S. San Gabriel Blvd., Pasadena 91107. Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sunday, noon-5 p.m. Tel.: 1.626.405.0897.

Read our 2012 review of De-Cor: “A Passion for Color.”




All photos sourced from De-Cor.






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