Clothes Heaven

Oct 5, 2010

Larayne Brannon says, “We make sure women have fun here – after all, shopping is a recreational sport.” And you will indeed have fun exploring this high-end collection of gently worn goods. The best way to negotiate the crowded store is to follow the signs. “Extra Snazzy,” for instance, marks suits and dresses from such elite designers as Armani, Chanel and Escada. They’re not cheap, but they’re in fine shape and cost a fraction of what they would new.

Staples: Chanel suits, party dresses and high-end handbags.

Don’t Miss: Stopping by regularly—that’s the way to find the real bargains.

We Like: The personal service and the value.

Womenswear | 111 E. Union St., Old Pasadena, 626.440.0929,



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