A Passion for Color

Sep 6, 2012

She had no business plan and no financial backing. What she had was passion.

Deepali Pareek spent three months in her native India, invested in one container of goods, and opened Livin’ Art on Mission Street in South Pasadena—just as construction started on the nearby metro that shut the small town’s main street, and only a month before the tragedy of September 11th.

That was eleven years ago. Livin’ Art survived. Until now. Its doors shall close, but only because Pareek and her business partner Ricardo Chavez have moved to a much larger location on San Gabriel Boulevard in Pasadena under the banner De-cor.

Two times a year, Pareek travels to Rajasthan, the largest state in India. She especially loves textiles and buys as many as she can, focusing on hand-work and vintage fabrics, then turns them into coverings for pillows, poufs, and ottomans. Pareek says that what makes Rajasthan in northwest India different than the other states is its love and use of color. The area is known for their block prints, Bagaru and Sanganer prints, and Zari embroidery with mirror-work.

Pareek searches, finds, and recovers doors, archways, tables, bed frames and day beds. Because of a factory they have in Rajasthan (“Land of Kings”), De-cor can also manufacture customized furniture and even create a piece (like a chair) out of ordinary elements (like an ox cart).

One table in De-cor holds a half a dozen wheels that were used to make homespun cloth or khadi—something Mahatma Gandhi urged all Indians to make and wear in the 1920’s rather than buy British textiles.

In her shop, which was designed by Vertical Wine Bistro designer Sat Garg of Akarstudios, Pareek has a Fall collection of Khadi in a range of light, earthy colors. She is currently working on procuring handmade silver jewelry, a line she hopes to launch early next year.

De-cor has worked with and provided pieces for Pasadena Showcase House designers and Pareek welcomes every opportunity to tap into her passion and flex her decorating skills.

Located on San Gabriel Boulevard, De-Cor offers the flavor of India to add distinction to your home furnishings. Pareek’s space, with its array of colors, textures, and numerous bedroom, living room, and dining room set-ups, makes you want to cozy up and settle in for a good long while (or take the whole kit-an-kaboodle home).

30 South San Gabriel Blvd.
Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun., 12-5 p.m.
For more info, call 626.405.0897 or visit








Have you already been to De-cor? What are your impressions? Any favorite pieces? What did you take home with you?







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