Check “Mate” at Caltech Opens Friday

Nov 14, 2012

Photo courtesy of Theater Arts at Caltech

“He could beat any man, until he met a woman.”

So goes the slogan for Mate, a play about former Pasadena resident and world chess champion Bobby Fischer.

In 1960, young chess phenomenon, 17-year-old Bobby Fischer traveled to Buenos Aires to compete. While there, he became intimate with a woman for the first time. Fischer struggled in the tournament. This became the “only real failure of Fischer’s competitive career,” “thrusting the genius into a new realm where the body triumphs over the mind.”

Mate: the Untouchable Bobby Fischer is a collaboration between Theater Arts Caltech students and the Armory Center for the Arts. It was written by Lolly Ward and is directed by Brian Brophy.

Opening Friday, Nov. 16th, 7:30 p.m.
Runs through Dec. 2nd
Armory Center for the Arts, 145 Raymond Ave., Pasadena
Tickets range from $5 for Caltech students to $18 for general admission
To purchase tickets online, visit
For more info, call 626.395.3295 or visit



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