Wardrobe at the Bus Stop, Ride for Water & a House with Holes

Jun 16, 2014

IMG_2450Last Saturday while running errands and playing chauffeur to an as-yet unlicensed 16-year-old, what we saw had us making u-turns from Altadena right down into South Pas.

Right and below: A new build on Los Robles Avenue, north of Glenarm Street.








At first, the magenta sign below was so bright and the black marker so light that we couldn’t read the message. On the second drive by, we stepped on the break and pulled along the curb, slowing to a drizzle. Our teenage cohort grumbled but shot the picture anyway.


The grumbling turned into an extended whiny groan as we rounded the corner, seeking the address…


We’d like to thank reluctant teenage cohort for continuing to take pictures as requested. is “a movement of cyclists who bike from Seattle to N.Y.C. every summer to raise funds toward fighting the global water crisis.”


But we would be amiss if we failed to mention that the floating Converse was an unexpected surprise, and, by the way, get your feet off the dashboard.

Below, a North Lake Avenue bus stop became a depository for someone’s socks, sneakers, nighties, sweaters, and blouses…






It was a forlorn scene, suggesting a mad dash, or a tossing of everything in order to snag a few vital items, or a moment interrupted and someone forced to abandon all that they had left. Or, could it be less forlorn and instead a thoughtless and apathetic act, as in a donated bag of clothes found, rummaged through, and discarded without a thought to the visual blight, the littering…



Our afternoon ended with a gentler visual…a canopied street, surrounded by green…


















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