Ulla’s Spring & the Ancestors

Apr 16, 2015

11100159_972728512771815_4675697374784562152_nWe admit, we’ve got it bad for Ulla. Let us clarify, Ulla’s Art.

Ulla Anobile herself is quite wonderful with a dry wit, which is perhaps thanks to her Finnish origins and for which we then thank her Finnish ancestors.

And speaking of ancestors, besides sharing her images of the arrival of spring, Ulla is the featured artist of “Communing with the Ancestors” at Cactus Gallery, which runs through May 5th. (Examples of works in the exhibit may be viewed below.)




Trumpet flowers…

Ulla_trumpet flower_March 2015





The mockingbird outside Ulla’s window…



Praise for pink…



Turning towards the warm rays of the sun…



And now, Ulla’s art, honoring the ancestors…

8297cd1e2e665f3b5301c691285e74feTULLEN MENNEN (Coming & Going)




“Communing with the Ancestors”
Through Tuesday, May 5th
Hours: Saturdays, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sundays, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Or by appointment; call 1.323.801.8669
Cactus Gallery, 3001 N. Coolidge Ave., Frogtown 90039
Open to the public
For more info, visit Cactus Gallery


e790c032f587b352e02b02d4bd8d56b0HONGATAR (Mother of All Bears)



For this series of works, I focused on the mythical world of my long-gone Finnish-Karelian ancestors: their ideas and beliefs about this world as well as the afterlife. I began with snippets I knew or had heard about when growing up in Finland, and then based on those snippets, did quite a bit of research.


b450eaa7239f9ccd533d8cfb013e61a6MENNINKÄINEN #2 (Underground Spirit)


My family comes from what used to be the eastern part of Finland, called Karelia. This region was ceded to the Soviet Union after two wars fought between the countries during the Second World War. My family, along with around 500 000 Karelians, left their homes and were absorbed by Finland proper, whose population in those days was only around 4,5 million.



592a3b8a4027049f3cce788321ca112d ENSI KÄKI (First Cuckoo)


Consequently, the stories I heard about Karelia and the old days were filled with a sense of loss and nostalgia. In some ways, it was a wound that never healed, and there were other family tragedies that followed. At one point, as a teenager, I wanted nothing to do with all that loss. I wanted to be myself, a modern, sophisticated European person.


b1b99a322f720444317d579240fd79e7KULTA KÄKÕNEN (Darling Cuckoo)




7aeaeafbfacc9b1a4838fba7ca4d0e47AHTI (Guardian of Waters)


Now, as I’m getting older, I’ve began to understand that even though I did not grow up in Karelia, I am in many surprising ways a Karelian person. And I’ve come see and feel how strong my roots are, and how, even today, I carry my ancestors in a living part of my psyche.


20992_977309322313734_2279705141547462383_nLANGETA LOVEEN (Falling Underground)




These works are part of that journey of discovery – and there are still many, many other stories to tell.


18530_977309365647063_5502261646372098210_nÄIDIT (Motherline)





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