Santa as Tin Man…or Knight?

Dec 15, 2014

IMG_5219As some may know, we are holiday decoration addicts. We’re the ones slowing to 25 mph so we can get a good look at a worthy lawn decoration or light design. Whether it’s traditional and reminiscent of our East Coast childhood or pure “Cali” or something beyond words, we pull over to get our fix…

By day, this house (below) reminds us of a Cape Cod summer home, although our family rented the pint-size cabins along the dunes with bedrooms where the youngest child (guess who) was relegated to the top bunk, which meant one’s shoulder bumped the ceiling when turning over (not recommended for the burgeoning claustrophobic). Despite that, the few times we spent a short week on the coast has provided blurred but warm and fuzzy memories, so we drift towards this house as we stroll our neighborhood. The other evening, we did so again because the holiday lights buck the traditional red, green, and gold theme. Purple and pink—neon orchid, ice, and violet—sort of retro psychedelic, ya dig?



Slightly more traditional, but blue hues are still following one’s own drummer (oh yeah, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing)…



The idea is lovely, the sentiment real, the reality kinda, sorta awkward. Christmas on the fly at Garfield Park, South Pas…



From whinging it (above) to the precise and monumental: a life-size creche on Grand Avenue at Locke Haven Street, Pasadena…Don’t see these often anymore…



And then, there’s Santa…subtle, not too pushy, flying under the radar…



Traditional, old school, lovely, “proper”…



Reminiscent of the East Coast…






Come on in and grab a beer, let’s relax on the porch; it’s the holidays in the tropics (or at least in balmy weather)…



The facade of this home—regard the entrance way—is what material? It looks like institutional concrete, which gives the house a rather creepy, Vincent Price, Edgar Allen Poe feel to it—luring unsuspecting prey with pretty lights into a dwelling from which one will never emerge! On the other hand, it’s in an upscale neighborhood, so do we lean towards stone, which connotes a level of stateliness and gentility…? (Tongue in cheek—key word: facade.)



Just blocks away, the house below reminds us of visiting a friends’ farm where the nearest neighbor was a twenty minute bumpy ride over dirt roads in a rusty pick up truck…where the air smells sweet and the front porch is for welcoming visitors to a sit right down and take a load off…



Love, love, love Arts & Crafts-style front doors…



We love snowflakes, any type, any time, anywhere…



Can’t forget the “merry and bright”…







But maybe the oddest, most intriguing holiday decoration we saw…Santa?

The sculpture below is tucked within a cluster of trees, blending in with the bark to the point that we’ve never noticed it in the two years we’ve walked this street—until a red and white Santa hat was placed atop it.

It has the body of the Tin Man, a “face” mask reminiscent of Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander (remember the bishop/still having nightmares) or a dueling knight’s Medieval armor, and yet the instrument that’s being wielded is shaped like an American Native arrowhead. We did not have time to stop and knock on doors, but we shall find out the story behind this guy…stay tuned.


Merry Christmas, everyone!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwanzaa!

Happy National Flashlight Day (December 21st)…
Happy Festivus!










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