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Aug 13, 2014

10498260_10152660456130746_8238206662711593331_oHappy to be starting MFA Program Whidbey Writers Workshop – being back on the island brings back childhood memories, complete with delicious seafood (mussels, clams, salmon) dinner. Beginning of a journey! (Carla Sameth)

Thanks to local writer, writing teacher, advocate, and iMindsPR founder Carla Sameth for sharing her incredible images as she pursues an MFA in Creative Writing. The Widbey Writers Workshop MFA in Creative Writing “is the first in the country—and perhaps the world—to be offered not by a college or university but by an organization of writers” states the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts (NILA).




About the Whidbey Writing Workshop (from

The Whidbey Writers Workshop recognizes that all students who enroll in a Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing seek to become published writers. We expect our students to also become members of the community of writers and to be able to articulate their understanding of the writing process.

Those last two expectations are not universal among creative writing degree programs. Nor are they goals shared by every writer. Some are not interested in participating in the larger community of writers. Others believe it is neither desirable nor even possible to articulate clearly their understanding of the writing process; rather, they believe the process is and should remain largely unexplored. Those are legitimate perspectives, but they aren’t the perspectives of this program.




Students who find our objectives compatible with their own may focus on any of four areas of concentration: fiction, poetry, nonfiction or writing for children/young adults. The program requires three workshops, one of which may be in a second genre. Students also take at least two craft courses, one of which must be in a second (or third) genre. Two directed reading courses in the core genre are required. A third directed reading or a third craft course may be taken in another genre. The program is capped by a book-length creative work of publishable quality. For details, see Program Requirements.

As a low-residency (also known as brief residency) program, the WWW MFA requires students to attend intensive ten-day residencies on Whidbey Island each August and January. Residencies are followed by sixteen-week online semesters. For current and recent residency schedules, see our Residency Schedule page. Residencies are available on a continuing education basis to those who don’t wish to study for an MFA. See the Residency page for more information.

The Whidbey Writers Workshop MFA Program is one of the most flexible low-residency MFAs around. Many other brief residency programs require fifteen-credit blocks each term and must be completed in two years. Ours will offer five-credit individual courses so that students may work at their own pace, taking from two to six years to complete the program.






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Carla Sameth is the a writer, co-director of The Pasadena Writing Project and president of iMinds PR in Old Pasadena.


Read Carla’s article “One Day on the Gold Line” in the Pasadena Weekly—it’s not what you think, it’s raw, real, and sobering—on re-reading, we feel again the heavy weight, shock, and numbness of what Carla experienced that afternoon.

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