Out & About with Lyd & Mo

Feb 2, 2015

-2We first met Mo Cee while covering Hsi Lai Temple’s art and music festival. Months later, we were privileged to get a one-on-one tour. Mo has been involved in the temple for some time and is a wealth of information. He even met his wife at Hsi Lai and was married there. Last week, we covered Mo and Lydia’s new shop—Lyd & Mo Photography—that’s just opened across the street from the Ice House and Boston Court. They’ve been kind enough to share some of their out-and-about photos…


Mother and daughter at Pasadena City Hall…

Mother and daughter at Pasadena City Hall


Walking meditation with the Venerable at Hsi Lai Temple, Hacienda Heights…


Chinese New Year at Hsi Lai Temple (Chinese New Year—Year of the Sheep, 2015—is Feb. 19th).



Meditation retreat at Hsi Lai…



Jackie and Mack Robinson Memorial,100 N. Garfield Avenue, across from Pasadena City Hall…



Lyd & Mo Photography, 27 N. Mentor Ave., Pasadena 91106. Tel.: 626.652.8302.

Read about Lyd and Mo; see their new store:








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