Morning Shadows, POV & Polarizing Birds

Jan 3, 2016

12360183_1032291240126158_5990096051289744430_nStephanie Armetta Clements walks.

Altadena, Pasadena.

Wherever her legs carry her.

We thank Stephanie—a member of Walking Pasadena—for sharing her “walking” photos.




Stephanie Armetta Clements is a thirty-year resident of Pasadena and a landscape architect. She loves street photography and early morning walks, especially in public gardens and cemeteries.

Her work has been published in the Los Angeles Sentinel, the Bungalow Heaven Newsletter, and Landscape Architecture Magazine. She is an alumna of the Landscape Architecture and Regenerative Studies programs at Cal Poly Pomona and her work in water conservation and land management has been recognized with awards from NASA and the Federal Interagency Policy Subcommittee.

Stephanie welcomes feedback, and design commissions.


More morning shadows at the Arboretum…


More morning shadows at the Arboretum




Looking for lunch.




Colors, composition, and perspective…




For more of Stephanie’s photos, click “Stephanie Walks.”





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