Morning by Janice

Oct 1, 2014

image2Thank you to Vicki Laidig for spreading the word and thank you to Janice Corsino for sharing her photographs.

Dear HP Reader: “Photo Op” is for you. A place to enjoy a visual moment, maybe with a little explanation or a little story, maybe a memory.

If you have pictures from around San Gabriel Valley, of a morning hike, this morning’s incredible breakfast, of events you’ve attended, of historical content, of the rockin’ veggies growing in your garden, of a goat walking down the street—anything you like that amuses, that confronts, that observes, that you’d like to share with other HP readers, we’d like to take a look. Get your very own Photo Op page of the week…

And, again, Thank you, Janice Corsino, for sharing your morning with us…


Janice: The sunrise was taken near Pasadena City College, just as the sun broke through the clouds, early one peaceful Saturday morning, about 7 a.m.…



Janice: Some of the water features on campus, a lotus pond (top right) and a reflecting pool, were taken at Caltech…




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