Looking Up, Looking Down, Looking…

Mar 19, 2017

A night sky in Pasadena. A Water Company hole cover. A friend’s installation. We’ve got Altadena artist Kate Carvellas, snapping pics as she looks at the world.












More photos by Kate: “Through a Carvellas Eye.”





Kate Carvellas, in her own words:

I am a self-taught artist who lives and creates in Pasadena, CA.  In 2004, I found myself in need of an artistic outlet. I began creating two-dimensional thematic montages using imagery from various magazines and clip art sources. With further exploration and a new-found confidence, I began to pursue a different direction, creating, original, three dimensional collages.  In 2007 I began exploring the creative world of mixed media and assemblage and fell in love with both of these media. In 2014 I started exploring the unlimited potential of abstract painting.  Creating work purely from my own mind, without borrowing images or objects to bring the work to life, has been an exhilarating experience.






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