Land Really Is the Best Art—Andy Warhol

Feb 28, 2017

Ralph DeFelice of Day Trips LA hasn’t written up a whole trip rundown, but they’re good teases—to get off our duff and chomp around out in this big, wide, beautiful world…

—or as Andy Warhol put it,


“Land really is the best art.”




Death Valley National Park…



Just 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles are the Vasquez Rocks. We worked on several commercials out there back in the day, and it was always hellishly hot. We’ve never seen green out at Vasquez; may need to take a drive and have a hike.



Photo, top right: Alabama Hills, California. All photos by Ralph DeFelice.



Ralph DeFelice:

I’m a single dad living in Pasadena with my two kids, a 5 yo girl and a 8 yo boy. I grew up in Upstate NY fishing, camping, exploring, and getting lost in the woods with my family. My dad led us on some nuts trips in the Adirondacks and Montana, and I loved it. I’ve spent some time going on adventures myself. In my previous life, I was a marine biologist living in Hawaii. My job was to scuba dive and go on research trips. Now I’m a marketing director sitting in an office all day, far from the ocean.

I’m restless and I’m a daydreamer. I’m a scientist and explorer at heart, and as cliche as it sounds, I love to learn. And since I’d rather put a sharp stick in my eye than sit through a little kid soccer game on a hot So Cal day, I take my kids on adventures instead. Beach, mountains, museums. Surfing, fishing, kayaking, camping, whatever. California is amazing, and there’s no end to things to see and places to go.

I never thought I’d live in LA. I’m not a city kid, and I don’t want my kids to be city kids. Despite living in this sprawling metropolis with horrid traffic, I’ve learned that there’s no excuse not to just get up and go. To unplug, get out of the house, get outside. Within a two-hour radius, there is so much to do and see. Within an eight-hour radius, there is a lifetime of discovery.

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