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Jan 11, 2015

Karol_Franks_WoodyOur ex is a surfer. He came to it late in life, after having desired, dreamed, ruminated, planned, budgeted, and procrastinated for years (eons, actually). But finally he found the right board, the perfect wet suit, the exact leash and he was off, the only black man amongst a sea of white boys. Luckily, some ol’ white surfer dude showed him the ropes and kindly shared his knowledge and expertise. Our ex kept at it, doggedly rising before dawn, and after a long while with lots of crashes and exhaustive paddling, he was riding the waves.

As we are now friends and as he’s the father of our girl, I buy him Christmas presents. He’s not an easy person to please because he’s so particular, but we’re pretty damn sure it was a smile we saw when he opened his gift and saw Karol Franks black and white photograph of an ol’ Woody with a surfboard strapped to the roof, parked on a wooden pier with the beach in the background.

Kindly, Karol has agreed to share more of her photos with us…




Rained All Day

Rained All Day








Sundown Barn Too


Karol_Franks_Photography_Form LA Garden

FormLA Garden



Violet Sky, Carpenteria



Socal Summer Sunset, Glendale








Desert Sun, Joshua Tree, Palmdale CA


Sunset Surfer

Sunset Surfer


Things Change

Things Change


See more of Karol’s work at Karol Franks Photography. Purchase her photos as prints or on tote bags, stationery, stickers, and clothing at Red Bubble.



2 Responses for “Karol Franks Photography”

  1. Karol Franks says:

    Thanks for sharing my photos! So happy the ex liked the woodie!

  2. Karol does beautiful work, has an expert eye, and can handle a variety of required styles and shots. For my own personal use and for my business, she has produced beautiful shots that make memories that much more special and make my work shine even more than it might on its own.
    She is a gem in every way.
    Jordan Stringfellow, Jordi & CO Event Planning, Party Design & Decor



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