Jury Walkabout No. 2

Jun 1, 2014

IMG_1870On our first Tuesday as a full-fledged juror, designated as one of twelve “judges” by the sitting judge herself, we strolled and sweated through the heat, down through the bottom half of Grand Park and then around the side of City Hall only to be told, “It’s not here today.” The “it” is what’s promised in our handy courthouse/tourist brochure—a farmer’s market held every Tuesday and Thursday. Staring at an empty courtyard, we turned, squared our overheated, wilting shoulders, and headed down Temple Street to dine in Little Tokyo.

On Thursday, we decided to tempt fate and try again. We could see from a block away that not only was the courtyard busy, but so was the sidewalk along North Main Street at West 1st Street.


We walked around the courtyard several times, contemplating healthy salads, falafels and hummus, fruit cups and fresh drinks. Unsurprisingly, we did not choose the healthy route. At Canela Catering we bought a traditional beef empanada and a smaller one of mushroom. Next “door” at Ara’s Kitchen, we chose a 16-ounce cup of lemon, lime, and mint deliciousness, and though it was a whopping four bucks, it hit the spot. Canela’s empanadas were very good. The crust was hot and flaky, but not crumbly, and the stuffing for both beef and mushroom was intense and satisfying. They were devoured so contentedly and effortlessly, it wasn’t until we were wiping our hands that we remembered we should’ve taken a picture. Perdón.




As you read this, we will be sitting, listening, and taking notes during our fourth official trial day. It’s only the fourth official day of the trial, even though we’ve been traipsing to the courthouse since Thursday, May 22nd. The 2½ days it took to choose the jury doesn’t count as a part of the judge’s estimate that the trial will take 9 days—which also, by the way, does not include the time the jury takes to deliberate and reach a verdict. But our grateful, considerate, funny, sometimes irritable, admonishing, and parental judge is trying to hustle things along as best as she can, and it helps when the other jurors are interesting people with whom to chat and go get lunch. And, yes, it helps when a juror stopped at a Filipino bakery—United Bread & Pastry in Silver Lake—and during our afternoon break (in the courthouse hallway) she invited us to enjoy delicious, moist, not-to-sweet banana turon, as well as chicken empanadas. Complete with paper plates and Halloween napkins.





"I Spy" with our little eye a wee birdie who's enjoying the crumbs

“I Spy” with our little eye a wee birdie who’s enjoying the crumbs




Up close, the size of this dead “leaf” (frond) is impressive…


From afar, it looks deadly…



Parting words, thanks to Gill’s Meals…






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