Halloween 2014-Style

Oct 27, 2014

IMG_4729We’re suckers for the holiday season. From mid-October through the New Year, we love the sounds, smells, tastes and sites. The fact that days seem to disappear quicker during this time of year, though, does not amuse us. The calendar may indicate that there are four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we’d swear after decades of running out of time while scrambling to buy presents and organize menus that this temporal dimension has a mind of its own and is messing with us.

For those good people who buy gifts after holidays (an IRA-worth of savings over the decades) or buy throughout the year, they avoid the madness, the flurry, the desperation of those of us who keep telling ourselves that we have time.

“Good Lor’, it’s only September,” we say, quickly followed by, “It’s only October.”

In a blink of an eye (or maybe a nervous tick), we may be seen muttering under our breath, “Can’t shop now, have to prepare a feast.”

Then, rubbing our bloated stomachs, we have to decompress after Thanksgiving.

By the time we revive, the first week of December is over and the fact that we should be mailing out distant relatives’ presents today (!!!) or pay double or triple to have them arrive on time weighs upon our shoulders, and our holiday spirit, heavily. The seasonal scramble is on. A reprieve may be enjoyed for 48 hours, from December 27th to 28th, before New Year’s madness begins and continues until the ugly morning of the first of the year with the year’s first hangover.

But we digress. The madness has not yet begun. The nerves have not yet begun to frazzle. It’s Halloween, an evening to enjoy some of the most adorable children on the planet as they giggle and squeal, shout “Trick or Treat!” or can barely meet your eyes when you compliment their costume. We love sitting on our friend’s porch watching the parade of kids with their parents come up the street, dash across the lawn, feet thumping heavily and quickly up the steps. Spidey, Batman, ninjas, vampires, princesses, and little pumpkins and bumblebees. Last year, one boy was a microwave, a little girl was a crayon. Walking creativity and candy to boot; what could be a better holiday?

Whether you’re braving a Halloween haunt, walking the streets with little ones, handing out candy at home, or turning off the lights and heading out for a long, nice dinner, Happy Halloween!


Below: Our favorite house of the season—love, love the giant skeleton and the architecture making it appear as though rays are emanating from the skull…





We asked if we could photograph the alien sitting in the chair next to the gardening gloves and the homeowner invited us to take him home; she had put him there because she didn’t know what else to do with “it.” But we think he’s in his element…





Why are mannequins so creepy…





A seasonal wreath like we’ve never before seen…



We don’t know why, but we love ghosts; all kinds, any kind…



And skulls…









Little girl’s ghosts and goblins, made all the more ominous by the family cat “playing” with them, i.e. butchering them…









For more Halloween sites, visit “Halloween Cometh” by Janice Corsino.



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