Black & White Challenge

Jan 5, 2015

praying mantis BnWLocal artist Kate Carvellas issued an offer to a few artist friends: take the Black & White photo challenge. Happily, they have agreed to share the results with us…


Kat Carvellas: “While photography is outside the parameters of my normal artistic endeavors, I found this B&W challenge exciting and inspiring to be a part of. All of these photos were taken in Pasadena and the surrounding areas within the last few months using my cell phone to capture everyday things that looked beautiful to me in some way.”


Patina2 BnW


Leaf on Cement BNW


Electrical Box BNW


Bike and Plant Pots



Dave Lovejoy: A burned-out fallen tree, a hallway at the Spring Arts tower, and looking up from beneath the Space Shuttle.

Dave Lovejoy was trained as a ceramic artist and has had a career as a graphic designer. His recent works include assemblage and installation art. His clients include the Natural History Museum of L.A. County, Spring Arts Tower, artist Patrick Dougherty, the Broadway Arts Building, and Kelly Osbourne.


burned out bw_DaveLovejoy







Terry Holzman: “All photos done at LAX during the recent 1/2 hour I was waiting for my ride. I was intrigued by the idea of ‘the wait.’ ”

I am a writer, former documentary filmmaker with National Geographic TV,  and artist living in Los Angeles. I make collages from debris I find on my daily walks around my neighborhood and had my first show–“L.A. Detritus”–at the Known Gallery on Fairfax in 2013.


















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