A Stroll Through the Langham

Jul 23, 2014

IMG_2527We attended Pasadena Magazine‘s Women in Business Awards at the Langham Huntington Hotel last month and was moved, motivated, and inspired by the three panelists: Chanel Boutakidis of Five Acres, Andrea Herz Payne of Aid Still Required, and Pasadena resident Amie Satchu of Foundation for Living Beauty. Unsurprisingly, the event was even more enjoyable, and funny, because of author Lian Dolan who was the perfect moderator. She knows how to take over, lead in, reach for more, and deal with constant mic issues.

Afterwards, we meandered the halls of the Langham, just for fun and vicarious living…

The Royce_Langham


















Walking back through the lobby, the clock face below stopped us in our tracks… It’s exactly the face we saw when visiting Grandpa and Num Num (aka Grandmother Emily, a name some niece or grandchild couldn’t pronounce) for Sunday dinners at their 1840 historic home along Five Mile River in Darien, Connecticut. We children were mesmerized by all the moving parts; the gentle moon coming and going, the tubular bells, counterweighted, rising up and down, needing periodically to be wound, each child hoping she was finally old enough to be the lucky one.

The unique Canterbury chimes seeped into our dreams—after happily removing our too-tight Mary Jane’s and picking at our annoying tights before falling asleep squeezed between our sisters and cousins on our grandparent’s king-size bed until the adults were ready to go home—and made an everlasting imprint on our memories. Our clock still resides with family, but now in a small, open, modern living area overlooking the St. Ynez Mountains in Santa Barbara.

The plate at the base reads: Clock Movement, Made in Germany for Herschede Clock Co. Circa 1890.



Henry Edwards Huntington

Henry Edward Huntington (1850-1927)




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