A Last Minute Surprise

Jul 26, 2015

IMG_9987A last minute drama of the teenage variety had us forcibly volunteer to drive said teenager and friend down to San Diego for a boy band concert.

As our attendance at said concert was not desired, on either parties count, we dropped off two overly-excited fans at the top of a hill to join the hordes filing down to Charger stadium. We hooked a right to escape bumper-to-bumper gridlock, found the nearest straight shot—Balboa Avenue—and followed the setting sun until we hit the beach, indicated by a lack of parking, an abundance of open bars, tattoo parlors, restaurants, ATM machines, scantily clad young women, and heedless young men.

We did find, and squeeze into a space, then walked until we were at the promenade overlooking the ocean. The sunset was subtle, yet dramatic, then removed our sandals and made our way down to the beach. The sand was surprisingly fine and we walked along the shoreline until we’d had our fill of ocean smells, collapsing waves, and cool sand (it was a long walk).

We made our way back up to the boardwalk, bought some sort of flying, glowing contraption from an adorable young man from Ireland, then moseyed our way back to the car via Mission Boulevard.

Finally, we took one last sniff of the wonderfully-potent ocean breeze and went off to face guaranteed bumper-to-bumper traffic to pick up two ecstatic teenagers who after a re-telling of favorite moments—and there were lots of them and video to accompany them—fell into deep, blissful sleep while we tried to keep our eyes open as we drove, and the clock struck midnight, then 1 a.m., and finally 2:30 a.m. when we could rest our weary head with images of a lovely sunset filling our dreams…






















Bonfire on the beach with tiki torches

Bonfire on the beach with tiki torches




Below the lamplight, fireworks from Seaworld

Below the lamplight, fireworks from afar







Hands on the back says it’s been a long day…






Closing up shop…

Closing up shop…


…and preparing for the morning rush

…and preparing for the morning rush



2 Responses for “A Last Minute Surprise”

  1. Karol Franks says:

    Nice images, I love the beach. No photo of the “some sort of flying, glowing contraption?”

  2. Kat Ward says:

    Thanks, Karol. We wish we’d gotten a shot of the flying toys, but it was too dark by then and we were armed with only an iPhone 5 – ha! (And they were pretty small, too.)



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