2016 Bridge Party

Jul 5, 2016

Colorado-St.-Bridge-2014Beautiful steel rims and pony seats, Wreck N Sow and Crimson Crowbar, rum punch and lemon lager, and Bling Bling dumpling’s and Big Mama’s ribs: get yourself ready for Pasadena Heritage‘s 2016 Colorado Bridge Street Party.

For the last “Party,” we arrived just as the sun was heading for the treetops. We strolled the walkway of Defenders Park and had a scrumptious time relishing the exquisitely restored mustangs. When we could tear ourself away, we stopped to grab our first beer and listen to some music before heading out onto the bridge itself.

The Colorado Bridge is beautiful, every day and always, and her party is fun and lighthearted, like a big block party with people shouting hello and catching up with friends before dancing to Mercy and the Merketts and cooling off with either Eagle Rock Brewery‘s Populist IPA or a Leo Bulgarini fantastical gelato, before filling up with Green Earth’s grilled portabella burger or Crepe Studio’s pesto chicken heaven.

The setting sun paints the clouds with color and the globes of the streetlamps brighten, tastes and aromas delight our senses, and music and laughter fills the air… The Colorado Bridge Party comes just once every two years. Make space on your calendar.


Colorado Street Bridge Party 2014

Photo: Pasadena Heritage


Pasadena Heritage Presents the 2016 Colorado Bridge Street Party
Saturday, July 16th, 6-11:30 p.m.
Colorado St. Bridge at Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena
Tickets: $18, adults; $9, children 7-12
For complete details, visit


Photos, below, by Kat Ward – from the 2014 Bridge Party…





















Pasadena Heritage 2016 Colorado Bridge Street Party





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