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Flying to Los Angeles

              I am now old enough to understand the moon. We are the same type of creature, our own subtle gravity guilelessly manipulative. We reflect the Father’s light back upon creation so we may remain obscured and at least halfway in comfortable, classic black. Women slide so easily into […]


This is a love poem because I was told last Thursday at a bar on 4th Street that there are only two things about which one can write: Sex and Death. Night plays tricks like low-cut Highland whiskey and great wings waiting in the fate for her cue. She steps on stage, recites his lines, […]

Wander Through Leanna Lin’s Wonderland for Mother’s Day

It’s hard to imagine Wonderland, the vibrant, Tokyo pop-inspired store in Eagle Rock, without owner Leanna Lin Fong…or to imagine the pixie-haired proprietress in a shop setting less unique. Bright and airy, cute and quirky, full of fun — going to Leanna Lin’s Wonderland really is like visiting a happy land where countless cheery cities […]


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