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The Weekend Go Go: Ms. Go Go’s Whisky & Poetry Salon, A Taste of Mexico, Great Gatsby Party, Victorian Lamplighting

Go Go’ers, consider this a bonus week…and not just because Ms. Go Go is co-hosting a fantastic pre-weekend event! Thanksgiving has been sliced, diced, stirred, carved and (hopefully) digested.  Christmas gremlins elves are just cresting the horizon in their elf-mobiles.  It’s a little too early to think about the beloved culinary hockey pucks known as […]

Wine & Song… & Scud Missile Precision Par 3 Golf

  Another evening of wine and song; part of the Wednesday Wine & Song Concert Series—”a mid-week, spirit-lifting hootenanny”—thanks to musician and host Brad Colerick. This week features a great local treasure—Debra Davis (pictured right). She’ll be accompanied by world-class guitarist Nick Kirgo, plus L. A.-born, Nebraska-bred, Nashville-based, song slinger, Laurie McClain, and special guest, […]

Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Nails

Bleakness took its final breaths. Bowed gracefully from my life asyou stepped smiling in. Your lack of punctuation meant something, andI finally understood the significance of rosy-cheeked. It is the glow andhealthy circulation of one who is well and thoroughly loved. The broken elevator faced us. We wondered for a while together. Puddle hopped the niceties required of new acquaintances […]

Whisky & Poetry

We’ve written and raved about this event before, but we’re here to do it again because if even one cell of yours enjoys poetry and whisky, in any and all combinations, even the most fleeting interest, or even mere admiration, then you must attend Kim Ohanneson and Karolyn Kiisel’s increasingly popular Whisky & Poetry Salon. Thursday, […]

Brendan’s Poetry & a Shot of Whisky

It’s time to start 2014 off right. Let’s start with whisky. Smoky, spicy, peppery, orangey, woody, creamy. How about “cerealy” or “phenolic”? Every one of these words, and many more, may be used when sipping, and then describing, whisky. And when interspersed with classic or home-written poetry, with dozens of candles lit and delicious munchies, […]

How to Celebrate National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. Of course, Whisky & Poetry Salon is celebrating in style with “guerilla fighter of poets” Brendan Constantine in attendance. On Thursday, April 18th, Literary Libations and Whisky Ambassador Johnnie “TheScot” Mundell will ply you with whisky in exchange for your words (plus $25). Whether you’ve been spiffing up a sonnet […]

Tall Men Backstage

With two CDs titled 12 x 6 and 2 Tall, can you guess what the group’s name may be? Tall Men Group. We know of said group because we know the wondrously creative and industrious Kim Ohanneson, co-founder of the Poetry and Whisky Salon and sometime contributor to Hometown Pasadena. Her husband, Marty Axelrod, plays […]

Beautiful Rain, Colored Skies

Waking up in the morning recently, the temperature has been as low as 37ºF, 5 degrees from freezing. One evening we stepped outside and it smelled like snow. Yet the sky was clear, the stars as bright as possible while fighting through the glare of city lights. Now the rain has come. Glorious rain. From […]

Measuring God

Measuring God is taking a pint glass to the mighty ocean, filling it, and putting it on proud display in a landlocked town square. But, we don’t build town squares anymore. No, we build shopping centers with acres of parking lots for mini- vans and hybrids. God, I wish we still built town squares. On humanity’s […]

Fountain Avenue

                Andalusia smells like saffron, stones, rosemary, and dirt. The gypsies reckon the devil lives in me and move to the other side of the square when I walk past. They make their living telling palm-carved fortunes. One binds your wrists, smiles square in your eyes, tell you […]


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