Zero-sum future: American power in the age of anxiety

Feb 28, 2011

The Information Age has given way to an Age of Anxiety, as Gideon Rachman sees it. In his new book, <i>Zero-Sum Future</i>, the chief foreign affairs columnist for the Financial Times depicts a financially stable China manufacturing most of America’s products, a potentially unstable Middle East possessing most of the world’s oil, and America exercising its military and political muscle to maintain its power position. Rachman argues that the financial and economic crisis unleashed by the Wall Street crash of September 2008 annihilated the assumptions that globalization was a win-win for all. It is no longer clear or even likely that globalization benefits all. We explore unrest in Egypt, melting ice caps in the Arctic, pandemic disease in the third world, and the threat of nuclear weapons from the Cold War falling into the hands of new-age terrorists.

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