Why you can’t trust Google Inc.

Jun 23, 2011

What does Google do with all the information it collects from us as we use its search? Nothing good according to the world’s leading Google critic Scott Cleland. Cleland is the author of Search and Destroy, a new book that warns against the power and influence of Google Inc. In Cleland’s view, Google’s sole aim is to consolidate and centralize the information it gathers from users so as to track, profile and monetize every aspect of our online experience. Cleland claims that by capturing information it gleans from a range of free products it offers, Google is evolving into the Internet’s “lone superpower.” What irks the author even more is that we are so trusting of this behemoth with its motto, “don’t be evil” and that there are no checks on its ability to violate property or privacy rights. Cleland also contends that Google can and will use its unprecedented centralization of information to influence politics and even undermine out freedoms. Is Google really conspiring to control the world or is this just hyperbole and paranoia? What do we have to fear from the search engine we all use?

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