When you check in, do you like to check out?

Jul 7, 2011

According to a survey by one credit card company, nearly 80 percent of travelers expect to remain “connected” all or some of the time during vacation. Of course, that means joined at the fingertip to our seemingly ubiquitous devices – iPhones, Blackberries, cell phones, laptops and screens. Now some hotels are offering “digital detox” packages which aim to reduce vacation stress by asking guests to trade in their electronic devices – leave them at home or in the hotel safe – for a discount on rates. Some travelers welcome the excuse to eliminate distractions and go unplugged. Others balk, saying it’s essential they stay in touch with friends, family and work via e-mail and social networking. And even those who’ve promised their families to put down the Blackberry while on vacation report sneaking away to log in. What about you – would you go cold turkey on your device – discount or not? Does vacation mean truly getting away from it all – technology included? Or does losing your connection to the world just make you more stressed out?

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