We’re all famous for 15 minutes…or maybe 20: Carl Hiaasen’s "Star Island"

Aug 17, 2010

Celebrities… we love them, we love to hate them, and we love scrolling through endless paparazzi photos of them walking their dog, eating a burger, doing things – just like us! But what do we really know about what’s going on in their lives, especially when we see pictures of certain celebs stumbling out of clubs or partying their way through a movie? In his book <i>Star Island</i>, author Carl Hiaasen takes us into the life of 22-year-old pop star Cherry Pye, whose hard-partying ways have led to her handlers hiring a stunt double to appear as the conscious and un-intoxicated Cherry. Hiaasen brings back some of his favorite past characters, whose lives are intertwined with Cherry’s. It’s a journey into the life of a celebrity and paparazzi culture, but in typical Hiaasen-manner, hilariously outlandish. Hiaasen talks with Patt about our society’s strange obsession with celebrity.

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