We miss you George – remembering America’s last great philosopher

Jun 22, 2010

In the last 60 years, much like every other industry in America, stand-up comedy went through a revolution. Comics of the 30’s and 40’s were much different, clean-shaven, suit-wearing, lovers of the establishment; comics were considered hosts at an exclusive cocktail party than an artist of any kind. So if America was the hospital that birthed modern comedy, than George Carlin was the doctor who performed the cesarean section. Taking the reigns from Lenny Bruce during America’s comedy renaissance, George Carlin was as brilliant as he was funny, destroying every sacred cow that lay in his path. Even more impressive is that his riffs on America’s bloodlust, personal freedoms, racism and our morals as a society are more accurate now than ever before. Even two years after his death, George’s material is as important as ever, not only to America, but to the world. So we examine the Carlin legacy two years on with a panel of his comedian peers and, in George’s honor, get as irreverent as possible.

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