Wardrobe etiquette from 9 to 5

Jul 19, 2013

Are people dressing too casually for work?

Are people dressing too casually for work?; Credit: Flickr/thetaxhaven

The office dress code has slackened over the years. It’s not so surprising nowadays to see folks wearing flip-flops or baring some of their tattoos in the office. Still, how much sartorial latitude a worker has depends largely on where one works. A judge in Tennessee decided that he has seen enough women attorneys rocking sleeveless dresses and low-cut blouses and fired off a memo in June to local bar associations on the topic.

“The unanimous opinion was that the women attorneys were not being held to the same standard as the men,” Judge Taylor wrote in the memo. “I have advised some women attorneys that a jacket with sleeves below the elbow is appropriate or a professional dress equivalent…Your personal appearance in court is a reflection upon the entire legal profession.”

What do you think of his memo? What dress code horror stories do you have? Are people dressing too casually for work?


Samantha Maxwell, President, CYA Human Resources in Los Angeles


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