Virtual Reality becomes reality for Oculus Rift consumers

Mar 30, 2016


Westfield introduces world first Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets ahead of ‘Future Fashion’ an immersive pop-up experience.; Credit: Tim P. Whitby

Reviews are in for the much-anticipated virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, as it ships out to consumers this week.

Time magazine’s tech reporter, Lisa Eadicicco, calls the technology pricey ($600, plus the cost of a high-end computer), complicated, and wonderful. The content is primarily gaming, but also includes short films.

It has been four years since Oculus founder Palmer Luckey kick-started interest in VR with the introduction of a clunky headset he crafted from smartphone parts. The latest headset is sleek and immersive, including three-dimensional audio.

The Facebook-owned company will soon face competition from similar headsets, the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Are you an early adopter of new technology keen to get a headset? If not, what skepticism do you have of VR entertainment?

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Lisa Eadicicco, Tech Writer for TIME magazine who has used the new Rift VR headset from Oculus; she tweets from @LisaEadicicco

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