Up in the air Junior Birdman, with your electronic toys – a disaster waiting to happen?

Feb 2, 2011

Cell phones, iPods, tablets, e-books, GPS units – we think we can’t live without them, but maybe we can’t live with them… that is, if we operate our electronic device 30,000 feet up. Airlines routinely tell us to turn our cells phones and the like off before takeoff, but some passengers ignore the request, unwilling to interrupt that important call. Or maybe they’re thinking their little device couldn’t possible cause problems. Is this worrisome? Experts say it is; many of those little machines transmit a signal and they all emit electromagnetic waves, which, in theory, could interfere with the plane’s own electronics. Are you ready to chance it, and moreover, should we passengers make that decision or just take our seats, be quiet, and press the off button?

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