Untouchable roles: Can 2013’s ‘Carrie’ hold a candle to Sissy Spacek?

Jul 31, 2013

Actress Sissy Spacek scored an Oscar nomination for her role in the 1976 Carrie. Will the upcoming remake of the movie be as successful?

This segment will air Friday, August 2.

Because Hollywood never tires of remakes, you may have seen trailers for the reimagining of “Carrie,” in theatres in October, of course.

Back in 1976, Brian De Palma first directed the screen adaptation of Stephen King’s creepy tale of a sweet, meek and tortured teen with the power of telekinesis. Lead actress Sissy Spacek scored an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Carrie, a rare recognition for a horror flick.

This year, young Chloe Grace Moretz is cast as Carrie. The 16-year-old actress doesn’t have the same haunting looks as Spacek, but Moretz is not a lightweight, having worked with directors Tim Burton and Martin Scorsese.

Still, when reprising a role, the comparisons are inevitable. Could you imagine a new actress taking on Diane Keaton in Annie Hall? Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski? What about Marlon Brando in, well, anything? Which movie characters are owned outright by the actors who originally played them? How tough is it for casting directors to overcome such a challenge?

We want to hear from you: Which film characters do you think could never be played by another actor? Tell us in the comments!

Carrie (1976)

Carrie (2013)

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