Two months until the end of the world—what’s behind the apocalyptic billboards all over L.A.?

Mar 22, 2011

There’s one billboard that has the image of a man kneeling in front of a mountain, proclaiming the return of Jesus Christ on May 21st. Another billboard is almost playful, with a “save the date” memo as the backdrop, against claiming that Jesus is returning in May. There have been proclamations about the end of the world before—in fact, the man behind this movement, Harold Camping from a national network of radio stations called Family Radio, made his own earlier prediction that the apocalypse would arrive on May 21, 1988. But there have been very few apocalypse movements that have bought advertising on prominently placed billboards around the greater Los Angeles area. What is Family Radio, what is behind their predictions of the apocalypse, and what are the chances that they’re actually right?

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