TitleWave: “Garden State” author Rick Moody on his new novel “The Four Fingers of Death”

Sep 1, 2010

<i>Garden State</i> author Rick Moody joins Patt with his new novel <i>The Four Fingers of Death</i> about, well, husbands and wives, death and dying, astronauts, and a lone human arm missing its middle finger, which is the only thing to return to earth from a mission to mars. It’s a bit unclear. Told as a series of blog posts by astronaut Jed Edwards while on a mission to mars gone disastrously wrong—and including an expansive (and messy) zero-gravity sex scene—the story follows the four fingered arm that may hold the secret to reanimation or may simply be an infectious killing machine. Commenting on everything from NAFTA’s economic impact to steroid use among professional baseball players, the corroding effects of the Internet and the increasingly crass entertainment industry, this is high satire. As one reviewer put it, Moody “takes the inane and makes it sincere”—it’s unclear what’s inane about this B-movie-style space opera-novel, but that’s what he’ll explain. Selected by the New Yorker as one of its original “20 under 40” writers to watch, 48 year-old Moody is back with his first novel in 5 years.

<i>*Rick Moody will be at Skylight Books in Los Feliz at 7:30 pm Wednesday, September 1st</i>

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