This time, it’s personal

Apr 28, 2011

For anyone who is familiar with an office environment, it goes without saying that often times the emotions of oneself and others can and will bleed into the work itself. In her new book It’s Always Personal: Emotion in the New Workplace, Anne Kreamer examines the social construct of the modern office through the perspective of personal emotions and relationships. Kreamer administered national polls of working, adult men and women and gleaned some interesting results: 75% of Americans experience frustration while in the workplace, crying on the job does not necessarily mean that a person dislikes their job and 88% of employees look to human sensitivity as a positive attribute to have in the office. The author also determined that there are four basic emotional types, and your particular status will influence how you feel, how you work and how you interact with your colleagues. What emotional type are you? How can you harness your emotions for the betterment of yourself and your office? What types of emotional displays have you made or seen while working?

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