The popular hoverboard delivered fun and falls this Christmas season

Dec 28, 2015


A boy rides a hoverboard on the day after Christmas, in San Pedro, California.; Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

This year, hoverboards topped most Christmas lists — despite recent stories about them catching fire.

Both adults and children have found that the not-so-easy to ride hoverboards can actually be dangerous. This is why some physicians recommend that riders wear a helmet and elbow pads while aboard.

The hashtag #HoverboardFail has been popular on social media, including Instagram, accumulating more than 900 examples of some of the worst possible falls and injuries resulting from a rider losing their balance.

Did you receive a hoverboard for Christmas?  What has your experience been?



Kate Knibbs, staff writer at Gizmodo. She tweets from @KateKnibbs

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