The LA Gig That Launched Elton John’s Career

May 24, 2019

Elton John performs at the Troubadour on Aug. 25, 1970.

Elton John performs at the Troubadour on Aug. 25, 1970.; Credit: Ed Caraeff / Getty Images


On August 25, 1970 musician, Elton John, took the stage at West Hollywood’s Troubadour.

At age 23, the Englishman was making his American debut, marking the moment that made John the globally recognized star he eventually became.

The upcoming biopic “Rocketman” marks this moment as one of the most significant in John’s career, and celebrates his life and identity as a public figure.

The Los Angeles Times re-published the foretelling review Los Angeles Times’ music critic, Robert Hilburn wrote in 1970 after attending that concert, predicting John would become “one of rock’s biggest and most important stars.”

Larry talks with Los Angeles Times music writer, Rob Tannenbaum, about the significance of the Troubadour show in launching John into stardom.


Rob Tannenbaum, music writer; his latest piece for the Los Angeles Times looks at former music critic Robert Hilburn’s review of Elton John’s Troubadour concert; he tweets @tannenbaumr

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