The age of the reboot

Aug 2, 2012

The 1960s hit television series ‘The Brady Bunch’ is now being made into a modern movie starring Vince Vaughn. Credit: roadsidepictures/flickr/CreativeCommons

Here’s a story of a lovely lady…actually, it’s the story of another 70s reboot. Vince Vaughn has announced plans to return to “The Brady Bunch,” which aired originally from 1969-1974. Like CBS’s version of “Hawaii Five-0,” the plotline will take place in this century, however. The show will follow a divorced Bobby Brady (not Mike), who marries a divorcée with her own children. Reboots and remakes have had varying success; the most popular being Syfy’s “Battlestar Galactica.” On the other hand, after several feature-length films, the “Charlie’s Angels” 2011 television series fizzled out with nary a whimper.


What makes one reboot better than another? For that matter, when a reboot is good, what makes it good to begin with? What shows are you dying to return to?



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