The 48 Laws of Power

May 5, 2010

Power. Everyone wants it; few know how to attain it. Our fascination with power is rooted in our DNA, every relationship we have revolves around someone grasping for more power. Every so often a book on philosophy is released that solidifies itself as a classic, transcending the realm of literature and reappearing as a vital piece of information. Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power is as important to its readers as Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War is to Generals. It’s not just a breakdown of the game of power, but more importantly the rules to power. The world is a giant scheming court, and we are all courtiers. The book has an incredible list of fans, from CEOs, to NBA players, to rappers, (50 Cent was so obsessed with 48 Laws of Power, that Robert Greene and himself wrote the sequel, 50 Laws of Power) all swearing by the lessons learned from the 1998 book. So 12 years since its release, it remains as popular and topical as ever. It seems just like the book’s main topic, there aren’t too many things as timeless as power.

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