Talk dirty to me: breaking down the messy political language of the midterm election

Nov 16, 2010

Are you tired of those <i>Astroturf wing nuts</i>? Let down by the <i>Lame-stream media</i>? Feel unseen by those pushing for <i>Obama-care,/i>? Are you frustrated by <i>Islamophobia</i>? Man-up. <i>Great Recession</i>. <i>Tea-Party</i>. <i>Grass Roots</i>. <i>Climate Change</i> and <i>Global Warming</i>. <i>Housekeeper-gate</i>. <i>Aqua Buddha</i>. <i>Shellacking</i>. Calm down, we aren’t talking about the 2012 elections. This last mid-term election, just as much any, included a new vocabulary of terms and talking points. So what was some of the most effective language of this election cycle? Patt sits down with linguist George Lakoff for a teachable moment on political language.

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