Take your best shot: what would you ask Barbara Boxer & Carly Fiorina?

Sep 23, 2010

On September 29th KPCC will host the second and, ostensibly, final debate between Senate candidates Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina, hosted by Patt and La Opinion’s Gabriel Lerner. Since we can’t have a live audience in front of the candidates we want to hear from you now about what questions you would put to the Democrat Boxer and the Republican Fiorina. Immigration is a hot issue, but would you rather hear about a path to citizenship or border security? Which foreign affairs issue is the most pressing: managing the war in Afghanistan or containing a potentially nuclear Iran? Now is your chance to plant a few questions in the ears of our debaters and if you really blow us away your question could end up being presented to Boxer and/or Fiorina. It’s your turn to play moderator, give it your best shot!

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