Skateboarding’s Tony Hawk – still SHREDding after all these years

Dec 14, 2010

San Diego native Tony Hawk is undoubtedly the most famous skateboarder in the world but his life, like any good run, has been filled with hurdles that needed jumping, or grinding, ollieing, or flipping over. Thankfully, he happens to be good at all of those maneuvers. In 1999, Hawk retired from competitive skating at the age of 31. But he still runs the skateboarding empire Birdhouse Skateboards, churns out new versions of his iconic video game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and helps build skate parks in low income communities through the Tony Hawk Foundation. From Dogtown to the X Games, Hawk has watched the world of skateboarding evolve. How did someone who started out as a 9 year old kid goofing around on a banana board turn his passion into such a successful career? And how has Hawk changed the game for the boarders who followed him?

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