Silent Bob has lots to say

Feb 3, 2011

Kevin Smith’s career has been wholly unconventional; starting with his first film, Clerks, which was produced for $27,000 and became a Generation X cult classic. In his latest film, Red State, the actor, writer, director gives us something altogether different. It’s been billed as a horror flick and while it does have some campy Friday the 13th-type plot nods (think teens seeking sexual adventure, find danger instead), it’s really about a Fred Phelps-like cult family that kills in the name of God. The film isn’t slated for wide release until October of this year. But it did take its first bow for critics at the Sundance Film Festival. There, the buzz was that Smith would auction off the film. Instead, he sold it to himself for $20, with the intention of distributing it himself to the masses. His plan is to take the actors on tour and sell tickets through word of mouth. One such event will take place at the Wiltern in Los Angeles on April 9th. Tickets for that go on sale February 4th. The movie was shot in four months and only cost $4-million to make, so Smith didn’t see any sense spending $20-million to advertise it. Will swearing off distributors pay off? Smith would like it to, but ultimately, Silent Bob says he’s happy just getting to do his own thing.

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